Picking this up again. This is a part of a series I’ve decided to launch for myself in which I attempt to write *a minimum* of 1 paragraph (3–10 sentences) about something a day. It will not be perfectly curated or articulated, and there will certainly be punctuation problems. You’ve been warned.


What if women are the ultimate “sleepers”? No, not the resting kind of thing. I mean in reference to the kind of car.

I remember when I first learned about the sleeper—a car outfitted with high performance gear, all hidden by an unassuming exterior.

According to motor-junkie.com the mid to late 60s Chevy Bel Air 427 is the ‘definition’ of a sleeper muscle car. From the outside, it looked like any other car but inside, could be upgraded with an option for a higher performing engine by Chevy.

The idea fascinated…

Jennifer Blanco

Founder & Creative Director of Field of Study / Co-founder of @workhorseprints

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